Sound Pillar Anapurna

Endless Space

This instrument was given its shape by my wish to bring together different overtone and undertone phenomena that are created by the sound of strings. The result was a visually very appealing, finely crafted, trihedral obelisk with three, respectively six small legs, which can be played in a vertical or horizontal position. Starting with C#, the sound spreads tonally and spatially endlessly in all directions.

Three playing surfaces: Monochord (21-strings, C# minor,), Pentatonic Scale tuning (21-strings, double C#, C#, G# alternating), Tambura (the first four strings as customary with the Tambura, additionally 8 further C#; all 13 strings of this playing surface go over the Tambura bridge).



App. 190 cm high; tripod platform; leg width around 50 cm at the bottom and around 30 cm at the top; smalls legs (at the bottom) can also be manufactured demountable. The frame, head and bottom part can be made from cherry-, ash-, elm-, service tree, or walnut wood (sounding boards are made from the finest spruce tone-wood).

Example: Sound