Dwelling in the Now

Her inwardly curved sounding board and her compact size allow her to fit beautifully and snugly to the body. She sounds in 4 C#, 6 C# minor, 3 G# minor and 24 C# minor.
The sophisticated arrangement of the strings gives range to a variety of sounds from deeply “fundamental” to high “overtones”.
Excellent workmanship, high-quality spruce sounding boards and aesthetic native hardwoods for the frame and the saddle give her a very appealing surface.


69cm x 33cm; simple (concave) sounding board for body contact; robust yet at the same time aesthetically designed frame and saddle from high-quality woods, available in service tree, cherry, walnut, elm and maple; the closed sounding body creates a distinctly powerful sound; good transmission of vibrations to the body.

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