Flowing with the sounds

Mo-Ta-Ko is created by complementing the backside of a simple monochrod with a Tambura and a Koto in pentatonic tuning.

An almost infinite variety of tone series from different music cultures and spontaneously found harmonies can be attuned and thus experienced.

Monochord 21 strings (C#), Tambura 4 strings (G#, C #minor, C# minor, C#), Koto 9 strings, pearls for fine tuning.

Monochord Koto Tambura


Length 135 cm, width 25 cm or 29 cm, height 15 cm; 21 or 25 monochord strings, 4 tambura strings, 9 or 13 koto strings; service tree, cherry-, maple-, walnut- or ash wood; sounding boards are made of spruce tone-wood.

Other design variants are available upon request.

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