Heaven And Earth

Making the Soul Perceptible

"Heaven and Earth" combines a heavenly light, delicate sound with an earthy feeling when it lies on the body – light and compact.
It sounds in 24 C# minor, 2 C#, 2 C# minor and 1 G#. Thanks to its extraordinary handiness and robustness it is an extremely mobile instrument. Its nuanced and delicate sound is particularly suited for use in sensitive therapeutic contexts.

Himmel und Erde


67cm x 29cm; the half-open sounding body creates a very delicate and bright sound; simple (concave) sounding board for body contact with a very good transmission of vibrations; robust, aesthetically shaped frame manufactured from high-quality woods available in ash, beech, birch, cherry, maple, elm, walnut, service tree, pear, apple, plum, yew; good transmission of vibrations to the body.

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